35 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

This Christmas I have two toddlers running around the house and so the majority of my gift buying/making has been aimed at them. I LOVE stockings - there is just something about opening all the little gifts and I have very fond memories of stockings growing up. So stockings are a must have in our house, and I make sure they are full, ok overflowing! :)

Here are some great ideas of "clutter-free" stocking stuffer ideas. My kids have so many toys, and so I didn't want to fill their stockings with little trinkets this year.

1. Socks
2. Underwear
3. New pyjamas
4. DVDs
5. Chocolate
6. Candy
7. New toddler cup (my daughter picked one out at Dollarama that was Minnie Mouse - perfect!)
8. Hair ties
9. Hair clips
10. Winter hat
11. Winter mittens
12. Winter scarf
13. Bubble bath
14. Crayons
15. Markers (washable of course!)
16. Colouring book
17. Notepad for doodling
18. Toothbrush
19. Toothpaste
20. Apron (check out my cute ones on my Etsy site here)
21. Movie tickets
22. Wallet or small purse
23. Life Savers Christmas Book (I actually found some "gummie" ones this year) - Check them out here.
24. Fun Band-Aids with their favourite characters on them.
25. Microwave popcorn pack
26. Bubbles
27. Stickers
28. Small book
29. Play-Doh
30. Temporary tattoos
31. Small cars (ok this is kind of clutter, but my little man LOVES to play with cars)
32. Juice boxes
33. Small craft supplies (glue, feathers, pom poms, etc).
34. Bib
35. Gift certificates (maybe a day at the zoo, aquarium, museum, amusement park, etc).

I hope this list helps you fill your little one's stockings. Merry Christmas!

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