35 Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

It's December and Christmas is coming .... quickly! I thought it would be nice to put some gift idea lists together and the first on the list is stocking stuffers for men.

1. Chocolate
2. A new tie
3. Gift cards for iTunes or Google Play
4. DVD or Blu-ray
5. Tie clip
6. Socks
7. Underwear
8. Movie tickets - I personally love the Cineplex "night-out" coupon which includes 2 movie passes, 2 large drinks and a bag of popcorn.
9. Video game
10. Homemade date coupons
11. Lottery tickets
12. Small speaker for their phone or music player
13. Magazine
14. Candy (other than chocolate)
15. Cologne
16. Body wash
17. Lip chap
18. Book
19. Lighter
20. Gadgets or small tools
21. Gum
22. Coffee mug
23. Gloves
24. Winter hat
25. Pocket knife
26. Mini bottles of booze
27. Box of ammunition (for the hunters)
28. Pen
29. Deck of cards
30. Board game (like bananagrams or other small card game)
31. Flashlight
32. Framed photo (of yourself, your kids, grandkids)
33. Everyday essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo
34. Razors and shaving cream
35. Gift cards - restaurants, coffee shop, their favourite store

There are so many more ideas, but I think the most important thing is to know the men you are shopping for and appeal to them. Appeal to their likes, hobbies and dislikes. And have fun with it!

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