7 Days of Fall Decor: Day 1 - Give Thanks Banner

I have been busy decorating our home for fall. I hosted a bridal shower last week, and thought it would be nice to have fall decorations throughout the living room/kitchen. Decor for the shower, but also decor I could enjoy all month long. Since I have lots of decor items I thought I would do a little series - 7 Days of Fall Decor.

Today's post is the Give Thanks banner my 3-year-old helped me create. It was a very inexpensive craft project we were able to do together.

Supply List:
Foam pumpkin sheets (I got mine at Walmart for $3 for the whole package)
3-4 small rectangular foam sheets (for the letters) (dollar store)
Silver or gold crafting paint (you can get this from the dollar store)
Paint brush
Rope/twine for hanging the banner

The foam pumpkin package had a number of glitter pumpkins included, so I wanted to do something special with these before my little monkey destroyed them all. I decided on a nice banner to hang over our archway in the living room stating "Give Thanks" because we are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend.

 To make the letters I just free-hand drew letters on random coloured foam sheets, and then cut them out with scissors. Kaylen helped me to paint all the letters a nice silver colour we already had in the house (gold would have looked nice too). Once the letters were dry we glued them onto the pumpkins.

To create the pumpkin between the two words Kaylen painted an orange pumpkin completely silver. Then I cut around the edges of a brown pumpkin so that it was slightly smaller, and glued it onto the silver pumpkin.

We then taped the pumpkins onto a piece of yarn (I would suggest hot glue if you have it, or masking tape - the scotch tape keeps coming loose), and hung them on the wall. A simple reminder to continue to give thanks this season, and a fun little craft your little ones can help you with.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for another post in my 7 Days of Fall Decor series. Be sure to check out all the posts in this series here.

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