Quick Tip Mondays - Clean Your House BEFORE You Go on Vacation

It's Monday, sorry it's actually Thursday. I missed Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday .....

We had a busy weekend spent up at the cottage - my family and all my siblings and no parents - talk about weird and not near as much fun! And because my mom wasn't there it was our responsibility to keep the cottage clean (I sound like a spoiled brat don't I!). So I worked extra hard to make sure the cottage was clean all weekend. (don't worry my brothers helped out too).

So what does this have to do with a quick tip? Well, cleaning a small cottage isn't too difficult, but it sure isn't fun to clean it all weekend, and then come home and your house is a disaster. We came home Monday night and it looked like a tornado had gone through our house (I call it Tornado Kaylen and Austin!). And as I looked around at the mess I wished I had made more of an effort to clean up the kitchen and family room before we left. It would have meant some more organization on my part as I was running around like crazy before we left.

So my quick tip for this week is just that - make an effort to clean/organize your home BEFORE you go on vacation, because there is nothing worse than coming home after vacation and having to clean up the mess. It's a simple DUH! kind of tip that most people already do, but a good reminder for me and maybe for you too!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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