Austin's Green and Blue First Birthday Party + FREE PRINTABLES

My little monkey turned 1 at the end of June and I finally have time to blog about it! Life has been busy - surprise, surprise! 

For Austin's 1st birthday, I choose to do a simple green and blue and bunting theme. I looked through different ideas on Pinterest, and decided to keep it simple. First I created an invitation in Microsoft Word and just Facebook messaged it to family and friends - if I was actually "on the ball" I could mail out the invitations, but I never have enough time.

The bunting graphic was a free clip-art, and everything else I just created in Word. You can download the free ONE graphic I created here: Black Background or White Background.

I kept the decorations fairly simple as well. I created a PARTY banner to put on our front door (download the free printable here), and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY bunting banner to put on the wall above the couch in the living room (download the free printable here). Different colours of blue and green balloons finished the decorating - hanging from the chandelier and on the posts outside that flank our front door.

The food disappeared quickly and I didn't have a chance to take pictures of the spread we had. But it was the classic party foods that we usually serve - cheese and crackers, veggies, spinach dip and hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch. I created some "food cards", and you can download the free printable here - PDF or JPG. I found blue cups, green and blue plates and napkins at the Dollar Store to continue with our blue and green theme. With all the leftover cake pieces (see below) I created some super delicious cake bonbons (I didn't have any skewers so they weren't cake pops), and I ended up eating most of them.... I think we had too much food!

For Austin's cake I wanted to go a little more simple, aka no fondant. So I went with the classic "1" cake and added some food colouring to the batter for some flare. I got the green and blue M & M's at the bulk food store, and got my husband to pick out all the blue and green ones from the large bag I took home. 

We were expecting some little ones at the party so I made up some special goody bags - wasn't that always the best part of going to a birthday party as a kid?! I hit up the dollar store and got some little toys, and then I got some gummi bears and worms from the bulk food store. I created the goody bag tags to fit over any standard sandwich bag - so I just stuffed each Ziploc bag and then stapled the Thank-You tag overtop. They turned out great! Kaylen brought hers to church in the morning ... before the party.... To download the free goody bag tags click here: PDF or JPG.

The night before I whipped up a special shirt and bib for the Aus-man. I had meant to do this with Kaylen's birthday and just ran out of time, so I made sure I had at least a couple of hours the night before Austin's party to complete this project. They turned out super cute (and then I forgot to give Austin a piece of cake to he didn't even get to use the bib!) Yep, I forgot the classic 1st birthday cake smash. Oh well, maybe I'll just make another cake and do a "faux" photo shoot on of these days with his bib.

It was a great day - super hot so I was quite thankful for our A/C. Austin got spoiled, food got eaten and we all had fun! Here are a few pictures of the birthday boy on his special day.

 Thanks to everyone who made my little man's first birthday special!

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