Quick Tip Mondays: Removing Fruit Stains from Fabric

Today's quick tip is how to easily remove fruit stains from fabric. I love to feed my kids fruit, but it usually results in a mess! I fed Austin some raspberries the other day and he had stains all over his shirt. My mom nicely showed me an awesome way to instantly remove the fruit stains and it doesn't cost a dime.


All you need to do is boil water in your kettle, put the fabric in your sink and pour the water directly over the stains. Those bright coloured red stains disappears right before your eyes. Hot water from the tap doesn't work - it needs to be boiling.

It is of course best to treat the stains right away, as is evident by the picture below. Austin managed to sit on his strawberries, but with some boiling water they came right out.

I happened to have one of Austin's shirts in the laundry that I forgot to treat, and it was covered in raspberries. So I decided to see if this tip would still work if the stain had been left for a few days. After treating the stain with boiling water it turned brown, and after sending it through the washing machine it was almost all gone - enough that you don't really notice it.

I really wish I knew this simple tip when Kaylen had fruit all over her clothes - probably would have saved some outfits. Hope this tip helps you out!

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