Freshly Squeezed Lemonade Recipe

This week's weather has been a little crazy. It was cold at the beginning of the week, and today we had a "heat warning". So is it safe to say summer's here .... maybe? Either way, with the warm weather the last few days I decided to make some cold and refreshing lemonade - from scratch!

I've never made freshly squeezed lemonade before, but I had a ton of lemons in a nice hurricane vase decorating my countertop, and I wanted to use them before they went bad. I LOVE lemonade, so why not make some with all these lemons!

Here's the recipe I used to get a small jug of lemonade:

Freshly Squeezed Lemonade:
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
*put into a saucepan and heat up on the stove to create a simple syrup (it will be done once all the sugar has dissolved into the water).

1 cup lemon juice - I used 7 large lemons (and squeeze with the cut side up to keep the seeds from getting into the juice)
4 cups cold water
ice cubes

Mix your simple syrup, lemon juice and cold water together. I cut up one more lemon for a garnish, and added some ice cubes to make it nice and cold. It was delicious! Enjoy!

Quick Tip Mondays: Make Your Box Cake Mix Even Better!

Today's quick tip is a simple tip I learned from my mom and I use it every time I make a boxed cake mix. It is two simple tips to make your boxed cake mix more moist and taste even better!

1. Add an instant pudding mix of a similar flavour to your cake mix. **Don't make up the mix and then fold it in, simply add the dry pudding mix bag to the dry cake box mix.

2. Substitute the required water with milk. You may have to add slightly more milk to compensate for the added dry ingredients that you get by adding the pudding.

If you use these two tips you will get lots of compliments on how delicious your cake is!

Learning to Budget Series: Cash Counter FREE PRINTABLE

As promised I have created another Free Printable to add to my Learning to Budget series. I suggested in some of my earlier posts to use cash for your variable expenses. I have tried to be faithful in doing this, but have found that the cash seems to disappear so quick and I have a hard time remembering where it all went! I keep the receipts, but wanted something where I could actually write it down, and then this will help with next month's budget as well. So I called this sheet the "cash counter", and on it I will keep track of all the cash that goes IN and OUT of my wallet.

To download a FREE PDF of the cash counter worksheet, please click here.

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Learning to Budget Series: Cheque-Book FREE PRINTABLE

After doing my budget for a couple of months I determined I was missing a couple of very key budget sheet - a "cheque-book" sheet, and a "cash" sheet. Today I have attached the cheque-book sheet I created as a Free Printable PDF for my awesome blog readers to use!This helps me to keep track of the cheques I write and the cash I withdraw, and the money that goes into the bank. (and the times I pull out the debit card if I forgot to get the cash out....) Tomorrow I will post the cash sheet.
To download this sheet click here and I hope this helps you stick to your budget.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party FREE PRINTABLES

I hosted a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed birthday party in April for my daughter. You can read all about it here. I have decided to offer all the decorations that I created as free printables (PDF format) for my awesome blog readers!

For the Mickey Mouse Party Banner that I used on my front door, click this link to download the PDF.

For the Happy Birthday Banner (doesn't include name), click this link to download the PDF.

For the Mickey Mouse Fold-Over Food Cards, click this link to download the PDF.

For the Mickey Mouse Small Circles, click this link to download the PDF.

For the Mickey Mouse Large Circles, click this link to download the PDF.

For the Mickey Mouse Juice Box or Bubble Bottle Wraps, click this link to download the PDF.

Hope you have a great Mickey party!

Mickey Mouse 3rd Birthday Party

In April my little girl turned 3! Time is just flying by. When I asked her what kind of party she wanted, she told me she wanted "a Mickey cake", and stuck with this answer every time I asked. I had made her Mickey cakes last year and didn't really want to do Mickey again, but who's going to argue with a birthday girl?! So Mickey it was!

I thought I'd share some pictures and projects from the party. I wanted to actually give her a real party this year, and our great room was "close enough" to being done that we can host a party. (ok we were up to 2:30 am painting and assembling furniture, but it was totally worth it!)

Using Microsoft Word I created an invitation that I e-mailed out to family and friends. I wanted the colour scheme of the party to be more of the bright primary colours rather than the standard red, yellow, and black. So I used bright colours in the invitation and carried this throughout the party decorations.

Kaylen wanted to help with the Mickey cake so much, so at 11 pm here we are putting the finishing touches on the fondant. She went a little water happy so the cake didn't turn out as well as I would have like, but she loved it, so that's all that matters!

Here are a couple of pictures of the cakes I made last year. I love how the "Toodles" cake turned out - I had a bit more time last year!

I created a PARTY banner and taped it to our front door, and decorated the front posts with balloons. For the free printable of this banner check out this post.

Inside I kept the decorations fairly basic because I didn't have very much time to decorate. Bundles of balloons on either side of the foyer entrance, rainbow balloons from the dining room chandelier, and a banner that I created. My husband wasn't too impressed that I hung up the banner on freshly painted walls, but no paint came off when I took it down! :) For the free printable of the banner check out this post.

Whenever we have a party or get-together, there is a lot of food. This was no exception. (don't you love the sneak peek of the kitchen too!). Because it was a Mickey party I wanted to have some "theme" food, so we ate "Mickey's Clubhouse Sandwiches" and "'Hot Diggity Dog' Hot Dogs". And then your essentials of cheese and crackers, vegetables, spinach dip, chips and pop.

I created these super cute food cards using picmonkey and Microsoft Word. For the free printable of these food cards check out this post.

I set up an area on my HUGE island for the "Mouskatools". Some special touches were the straws that I taped Mickey circles onto, and I wrapped the forks for the cake in red napkins and finished with a Mickey circle. For the free printable of these circles check out this post.

Here's my big girl blowing out her candles. Still can't believe she is 3 already!

Kaylen had lots of fun at her party and so it was a great success! Now it's time to start thinking of ideas for little Aus-man's 1st birthday!

Quick Tip Mondays: FREE Online Photo Editing

For today's quick tip I'm going to show you all a website I found and LOVE! I don't have any fancy or expensive photo editing on my computer - just iPhoto. So I love that I can do a TON of photo editing for free online.

It's called picmonkey and it's a website for free online photo editing. And you DON'T need an account to login - just go to the home page and upload your photo and start editing!

You can use picmonkey to edit a photo or create a collage. I use this for all my blog photos - you can quickly crop and resize a photo and add text to your photo. They have lots of different fonts and overlays to choose from, and a ton of different effects you can use.

And if you like they have a "royale" feature that you can purchase to get even more "good stuff"!

Here's a quick "tutorial" showing how I created this picture of my little cutie pie using picmonkey.

First you click on "edit a photo" and choose the photo from your computer.

Your full size photo will appear. 

I then cropped it into more of a square shape. 

I added a frost effect.

I used the rounded corner frame and used it to the "full extent" and then clicked on transparent corners to create a circle.

I added a cute little heart overlay.

And some coloured text.
And then you just click save and you are done! You can also share directly onto Facebook if you prefer.

You can also make collages very easily! They have a ton of different templates to choose from, or you can make your own by moving your photos around.
If you want to be inspired check out picmonkey's pinterest account to see all the different creative projects you can make with picmonkey!
Have fun editing your photos!

Quick Tip Mondays: Removing Fruit Stains from Fabric

Today's quick tip is how to easily remove fruit stains from fabric. I love to feed my kids fruit, but it usually results in a mess! I fed Austin some raspberries the other day and he had stains all over his shirt. My mom nicely showed me an awesome way to instantly remove the fruit stains and it doesn't cost a dime.


All you need to do is boil water in your kettle, put the fabric in your sink and pour the water directly over the stains. Those bright coloured red stains disappears right before your eyes. Hot water from the tap doesn't work - it needs to be boiling.

It is of course best to treat the stains right away, as is evident by the picture below. Austin managed to sit on his strawberries, but with some boiling water they came right out.

I happened to have one of Austin's shirts in the laundry that I forgot to treat, and it was covered in raspberries. So I decided to see if this tip would still work if the stain had been left for a few days. After treating the stain with boiling water it turned brown, and after sending it through the washing machine it was almost all gone - enough that you don't really notice it.

I really wish I knew this simple tip when Kaylen had fruit all over her clothes - probably would have saved some outfits. Hope this tip helps you out!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party - Pinterest Inspirations

In April Kaylen turned 3! For her birthday this year I asked her what "theme" she wanted - hinting strongly at "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" which has been one of her favourite shows lately. She promptly responded, "I want a Mickey cake". I made her a Toodles (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) cake last year and didn't really want to do a Mickey themed party this year, but every time anyone asked her about her birthday she told them she wanted a Mickey cake. So a Mickey cake it is!

Our great room is almost finished and so I wanted to actually host a real birthday party this year for Kaylen. So I went to Pinterest to find some ideas and inspiration. Here are some different ideas I wanted to use for Kaylen's party.

To see all of my Mickey Mouse party pins check out my Pinterest board.

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