Quick Tip Mondays: Keeping Your Brown Sugar Moist

Every Monday I plan on posting a small quick tip for my readers. Most of them are tips I have been taught by my mom or Grandma, or found on via Google when I had a problem to solve.

Today's quick tip actually came from my husband.

I have a canister of brown sugar, and it goes rock hard, even if the brown sugar is only a couple of weeks old. I have a "brown sugar bear" in it, that is supposed to keep the moisture in the sugar. It doesn't seem to work for my canister. This bear works in my mom's well-sealed Tupperware, but I think because my canisters are from the dollar store and don't have the greatest seal that it can't keep up with the air constantly getting in.

So my hubby decided to help me make apple crisp the other day, and was quite frustrated when he had to get the brown sugar out and it was rock solid. So he goes to my daughter "we are going to teach mommy a trick!". And proceeded to get a piece of bread and put it in the jar, and re-seal the lid. The piece of bread magically added moisture back into the jar, and the next day it was like the brown sugar was brand new! I took the bread out and tossed it into the green bin (compost).

Today's quick tip - put a piece of bread into your brown sugar canister, and a day later your brown sugar will be nice and soft.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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