You Shouldn't Get Married When.....

Lately, my world has been bombarded with divorce and broken marriages - not something I ever expected to experience first hand.

I have heard many stories lately of "I know now I shouldn't have gotten married." So I thought I would make a light-hearted list of "hints" you get during a relationship that are telling you that you shouldn't get married.

You shouldn't get married when ....

   .... you sleep in on your wedding day

   .... when you are out with your significant other, their eyes are "wandering"

   .... when you are out with your significant other, YOUR eyes are "wandering"

   .... well, we've been together for so long, so we are expected to get married - just because you have been together for a long time doesn't necessarily mean that's the person you are supposed to marry.

   .... the "bad boy" you are dating just to have fun gets down on one knee .... you should be saying no, and then breaking up with him - he was just fun, remember, not marriage material

   .... you have NEVER felt butterflies! 

   .... you love him/her like a best friend, but you don't think you're in love with them

   .... well, they would make a good husband/wife/mother/father - there should be a whole lot more reasons than just this!

   .... you think you can "change" them - maybe on little things, but not on big things!

   .... well, after we get married things will be different

   .... he/she will start going to church once we are married - good luck with that!

   .... you REALLY don't get along with his/her family - you truly do marry the family so make sure you get along, otherwise you are signing up for years of arguing with your in-laws and spouse!

   .... when you are out shopping, HE calls his mommy to find out his pants/shirt/shoe size (in a sermon I heard the minister said to go out into the mall and just keep walking!)

   .... you are insecure about how your significant other feels about you - you shouldn't have to worry about this - he/she is supposed to be the person who loves you unconditionally no matter how you look

   .... you have lost sight of who you are - you have changed so much to satisfy your significant other that everything that you "used" to be is gone. 

   .... you are only getting married to have babies - children get hurt through divorce, so if you aren't marrying the right person .....

   .... well, I'm 25 or 30 or 35, so I need to get married now otherwise I might miss my chance - don't settle!

   .... you've been planning this wedding for months and spent thousands of dollars - do you want to sign up for a lifetime of heartache just because of a wedding and some money you spent.

   .... you are extremely stressed, cranky, irritable, angry in the weeks leading up to your wedding - yes it may be a stressful but you should still be happy and excited

   .... he/she spends more time on his games and hobbies than with you

   .... at the first sign of trouble, he/she has already run - chances are it will probably happen again

   .... you are worried what people will think if you break off your engagement - it's not their life so it doesn't matter what people think!

Essentially the moral of the story is - if you are aren't 100% sure, then wait! And if you are married and love that person 100%, then do everything in your power to make it work.

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