My Favourite Online Fabric Stores

My name is Felicia and I have a fabric addiction. Seriously - it's bad.

So today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite online fabric stores, the stores that feed this addiction.

The first one, and the one I use the most is They have hundreds of thousands of different fabric, and their stock levels are pretty good. And if they don't have stock, they let you know when you can expect it back in. 

They also have great sales, deals of the days, coupons, etc. I almost never buy the fabric at full price unless I need it quickly. And their prices are very reasonable - much better than I can find close to home. They have very quick shipping - even though they are in Georgia and I'm in Canada. They usually ship to me UPS so I usually receive it 1 week after I order it. And if you happen to be located in the US, then they have free shipping over $35!

If doesn't have what I need in stock, I head over to Hawthorne Threads. They carry a ton of modern and chic fabrics, and also have very good prices and shipping. They don't have as many deals or coupons, so it tends to be slightly more expensive than But their customer service is amazing, and they also have quick shipping. In my experience they have shipped out the same day or next day, and it comes through the mail. They have all their shipping costs shown on their website, so you know exactly how much it will cost you depending on how much fabric you order. When it comes to new fabrics, they tend to get them in and online slightly quicker than

I also love that you are able to upload your own products to the different fabric choices. For example, on the Alexander Henry 2D zoo fabric page, I can upload a link to one of my listings on Etsy. So if someone is looking at the fabric, they can see my product. This helps to drive customers to my site, and it doesn't cost me anything. This is a way that Hawthorne Threads is helping to support those making handmade items with their fabrics.

My final stop for fabric is Fancy Pants Fabric on Etsy. There are a TON of different fabric retailers on Etsy, but this is my favourite. Quick shipping, good prices, and lots of selection of the modern fabrics I love to use. 

We are currently working on getting our finances in order and sticking to our budget, so right now I just visit these sites and look at all the new fabrics and create in my mind - no shopping for me. I need to use the hundreds (no joke) of fabric I have in stock before I can order more.

But you can have fun shopping!

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