Making a Snowman INSIDE!

Little A was sick all last week - another tooth came in. So he was a real momma's boy. This means that when K wanted to go outside and make a snowman, well I couldn't bundle up with her and go out with her. So I decided, why not make a snowman inside?! Then K can make her snowman and I can "help" while still keeping A right next to me.

And it worked out great! It was lots of fun and not a lot of mess.

To make your own snowman inside all you need is:
- bucket for the snow
- towel so the snow doesn't go onto your floor
- mittens to keep your kiddie's hands from freezing
- toys/accessories/etc.

I got out the dish bucket I had been using while our dishwasher wasn't connected, and went outside and filled it with snow. It was quite cold that day, so it wasn't packing snow, but as soon as I got it inside and it started to heat up it became perfect packing snow.

Put the towel down on the ground and put the bucket on it. Put the mittens on your kiddies and have fun!

K went from wanting to make a snowman to sandcastles. She seems to pull out her beach toys and shovels at least once a day, so we got to "pretend" we were at the beach and used snow instead.

And it was the easiest cleanup, because even when the snow melts, its just water! 

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