Valentine's Day on a Budget

Valentine's Day is only a day away! It feels like it was just Christmas! I feel like my life just flies by now that I have children.

My hubby and I never make a huge deal about Valentine's Day - he usually buys me flowers and I get him some candy and we go out for dinner. I would personally rather spend money on Christmas and birthday gifts than go crazy on Valentine's. 

This year I want to spend less and make it a little more meaningful.

Here are my thoughts on Valentine's Day on a budget.

Spend quality time with your kids during the day.

1. Do a special craft with your children.

     - Make a special Valentine's Day card for all the loved ones in your life. Mommy, Daddy, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc. This will mean a lot to those who have recently lost loved ones and their Valentine's Day may not be the happiest.

     - Let your kids help you get ready for your romantic dinner at home. Let them help clean the house, cook the meal, set the table. 

Stay home and have some special adult time at night.

2. Plan a nice romantic meal for two.

    - Clean the house and set out a nice table for two. Bring out the candles and your best dishes, make a nice centrepiece (the flowers your husband buys for you will work!) - make the table look a little more special than normally. 

    - Feed the kids their own meal and put them to bed on time. You want this to be a special "alone" time. 

    - Cook a more fancy meal than normal. Maybe include a few more courses than your regular suppers. Have an appetizer, main course and dessert. Put some thought into your menu - make items you both like and items you don't normally eat every week. Why not make a cute cake for two like this one here.

    - Get dressed up. Just because you are at home doesn't mean you can't look nice. 

    - Dim the lights and put on some nice romantic music. Make it a restaurant like atmosphere, just in the comfort of your own home.

    - End the meal with a nice cup of coffee or tea. Nothing like finishing a cold winter day with a cup of warm liquid! 

3. Curl up on the couch together.

    - Bring out the blankets and cuddle under them with your nice cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate. 

    - Watch a chic flick - it is Valentine's Day after all. If you really don't like chic flicks then find something you both enjoy watching.

    - Don't want to watch TV? Just talk - talk about your dreams, what you want to accomplish in the next 50 years. It's good to dream big and to talk to each other about them. It's important to always have goals you are working towards, and it's easier when you are on the same page together.

4. Give each other gifts and cards.

    - I ALWAYS want a card. For some this seems like a waste of money - for me it means so much that my husband spent the time perusing the card aisle to find the perfect one. He took five minutes out of his day and thought about me. For me it's really the thought that counts.

    - Men are so hard to buy for. So instead of buying your husband a gift, why don't you dust off that box of fancy sweet things you got at your bridal shower/bachelorette party - you know the one tucked away at the back of your closet? Any man will be sure to appreciate this. Enough said.

Valentine's Day is all about love and spending time with the ones you love. However you plan on celebrate I wish you a day full of love and happiness! 

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