Breakfast Hashbrowns Recipe

I love potatoes! I'll eat them in any form - baked, boiled, mashed, fried, etc. So this morning when I was thinking of what to make for breakfast/brunch I decided on some yummy hash browns.

These are easy to make and take very little prep time and approximately 10 minutes of cooking time.

(for 1 regular size portion)
2 medium sized potatoes
1 tbsp butter

Peel and wash potatoes.
Shred potatoes using a cheese grater.
Put frying pan on stove and set to medium heat. Place butter in pan and melt.
Place potatoes in a thin layer into the pan.
Cook approximately 5 minutes on one side and then flip and cook another 5 minutes.
**Make sure you watch the potatoes - they can burn quickly if you are not paying attention. Because they are so thinly sliced they don't take long to cook. I like them nice and crispy so I cook them for a little longer so they have a nice crust on them.

To balance out my breakfast I fried up an egg and added some grapes to my plate. These hashbrowns taste extra good slathered in ketchup! Enjoy!

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