15 Things to Do with Your Kids in the Snow

We got an amazing snowstorm over the past weekend, and I'm so thankful the temperature has been cold enough that the snow has stayed around. The last few winters have been pretty pitiful when it comes to snow, so we were pretty excited about the almost 2 feet of snow that fell. It makes everything so clean and pretty outside!

Snow only lasts for so long and on one warm day it can all melt away. So it's important to take advantage of it while we can.

Today we bundled both kiddies up and went and played in the back yard, building a snowman (well a snow pile with a face), and pulling little A around in the baby sled.

I decided to create a list of things to do with the kids outside in the snow. I'm sure there are so many more, but here's what I've come up with. I aimed for 10 and came up with 15. Enjoy!

1. Build a snowman - get a carrot out of the fridge, grab a scarf and hat, dig on the driveway for some rocks - the kids will love it!
2. Go for a walk on the snow covered sidewalk.

3. Pull the kids on the sled down the sidewalk, through the woods or the park, in the backyard.
4. Make snow angels.
5. Build a fort. 
6. Have a snowball fight. Use the above built fort as protection!
7. Go tobogganing. 
8. Go skating. Some lucky people have a backyard rink, if not most cities have an outdoor rink you can skate on.

9. Go snowmobiling. My parents live "in the country" so K was able to go for a fun ride with Daddy on Sunday.
10. Go skiing/snowboarding/tubing. Even if your kids are little a lot of ski resorts/hills have spots for the little ones to enjoy themselves.
11. Have a scavenger hunt. Hide different items in the backyard and help your kids find them. Or get them to find different nature items - this may involve some digging in the snow!
12. Walk on snow shoes.
13. Stand outside when its snowing and try to catch snowflakes on your tongue. 
14. Jump in the big drifts that line your driveway.
15. Get out the sand toys and play with the sand snow. K is constantly asking to go to the beach and every day brings her sand toys upstairs from the basement.

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